I grew up in California’s Northern Sacramento Valley where I spent my childhood loving small town life like going to grandpa’s ranch and hanging at the family video store. At 21, I moved to the Bay Area where my interests developed in a lot of ways.

During my second year away at university, I was presented with the rare opportunity to organize the Silicon Valley portion of an international film festival where I was immersed in film from all over the Americas. I started spending festival seasons there while working on completing a degree program in Public Relations at SJSU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Between classes, I also interned at a Silicon Valley startup. I learned how to code there, market online, and ad copywrite which developed my career in the ecommerce space.

After finishing the PR program in 2009, I helped launch a spin off film festival with a group of friends, where I contributed for 13 years.

Those formative years of studying and writing about film in addition to publicity management and coding manifested my passion for helping businesses grow at all levels. I now write and optimize community focused stories for entertainment, environmental, and medical clients at my communications label, Surge Public Relations in Los Angeles. At Surge, I do local and international public relations for agencies and my own client roster.

You can see some of my placements on my website at surgepublicrelations.com.

To connect, email me at virginia@surgepublicrelations.com and stay tuned via Twitter & Mastadon @ginichavez. Thanks for reading.


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