Yoga: A Natural Pain Reliever

July 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Would you like to experience more relaxation, fewer headaches and more patience in your life? Yoga is a perfect way to relieve those ales while learning meditation practices. It’s an alternative to working out by “working in” to tone your muscles with your mind.

Yoga helps reduce insomnia, headaches and levels of anxiety too. The yoga attitude is all about being gentle to the body. Approach practice using an ease with the body, probably something that is put on the back burner during your regular day to day to do’s.

Child’s pose eases tension from the brain. It also stretches and lengthens the back, relaxes facial muscles and eases strain from the ankles and shins. Click here for a picture of the pose.

Do you think you have restless leg syndrome aka a pharmaceutical company fabrication of a disease to sell product? Instead of turning to drugs for relief, put your legs up against a wall.

This simple little yoga pose will relieve leg fatigue, rejuvenate circulation and regulate blood pressure. It is claimed that the pose prevents varicose veins as well. Some yogis even attest to this pose preventing wrinkles.

On a side note, those with serious medical conditions such as cancer, glaucoma or heart disease do need to consult a physician before attempting inversions and the more aggressive yoga poses.

Other benefits are lower blood pressure, stress relief and patience. Try the head to knee pose for stress reduction. Go as deep into the pose as you can, remembering to be gentle to the body and consciously breathing deep.

The mind interestingly becomes intensely aware. Poses like revolving triangle pose stimulate right-left brain coordination. The pose also massages internal organs, energizes the body and relieves lower back discomfort. Again focused or meditative breathing during these poses is essential for these benefits. The most powerful benefit of the practice is proper breathing.

Benefits of proper breathing include enhanced concentration, improved digestion, improved circulation and stamina. The power of meditation can improve so many areas of brain function. It is scientifically proven to strengthen focus and enhance memory along with a slue of other benefits.

Simply focus on inhaling and exhaling. It’s ok if your mind drifts, return to focusing on your breath. Each time it meanders off on an idea, just bring it back to simply focusing on breathing. Once your focus is maintained, imagine your lungs inflating and deflating. Imagine the air circulating throughout your head, limbs, chest and torso.

This is a quite conversation with the body that enhances meditation. Do this with the above mentioned poses for a some relief. Namaste.

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