Ronny Morris Talks About the Future of Music

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Who is Morris Music?

The label was originally developed to support the release of singer/songwriter Ronny Morris’ music. Morris partnered with longtime friend and business partner Carsten Lindskog to open the label and its publishing division.After the label’s success licensing music to several films and television productions, Lindskog and Morris decided to open the doors to other emerging artists. The company has grown to include a collected group of five professionals, working together to promote and support local and international talent.

Growing in the industry

“We are a very creative group people, who are constantly sharing ideas” says Morris. “We grow with the success of our artists. We ask ourselves where music can fit a niche, who can be touched by the music we promote, and where certain music has not yet touched ground.”

He goes on, “We are passionate about creating win/win situations and feel it’s about the experience, not just quick decisions.”

The label actively recruits new talent. Morris plans to attend the 2010 SXSW Music and Media Conference in Austin to look for emerging artists.

“The artists and the clients we serve are the foundation of our success, and we grow with them. We believe in the quality of music that we deliver, and are always looking for new artists that share that ideal with us.”

Morris on music today

“The music industry is a very exciting place to be right now. The rules have changed. There are a lot of new companies emerging with new approaches to the business, Live Nation being an example, and the industry is rearranging itself.”

Live Nation emerged in 2005 as a start up music label that teamed with Ticketmaster. It has since become one of the largest promotion houses in the country.

“From the business side, we are exploring different avenues to create revenue from the music that we sell. No one can depend on CD and download sales” he confesses. “The live scene is a good alternative, but live shows are not a total resolution. Touring costs, and the audience has to be there, which can be difficult for emerging artists.”

Since 2001, the music industry has taken huge losses due to piracy and peer to peer sharing sites like Kazaa and Napster.

According to ZDNet “the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) reports 2.8 million pirated CD-R discs were seized in the United States last year.”

“So many people in music have been laid off as well, which is troubling, but it opens the doors for new collaboration, especially for us independents. New creative partnerships are emerging, and we all have the opportunity to learn from each other and gain from each others’ experience.”

“Even when it’s winter, a wise farmer plans for spring!”

Getting inspired

“Everything about music inspires me. There are simple lyric ideas that pop up in my mind, or a melody line that I think of when I’m riding across town on my bike. There is text that is born from outrage or sadness, or something in my environment shifting.”

He continues, “Recording is a fantastic and nerve-wracking part of music creation, like a chef working on a meal that he’s really excited about. Sometimes you leave feeling tired and used, but can’t wait to come back into the studio the next day, and I think that’s inspirational.”

Morris writes music that is featured on TV shows “The Ghost Whisperer” and “Brothers and Sisters”.

His collaboration with Swedish producer, Adam Kviman, earned him Hollywood Music in Media’s Best Production / Producer of the Year award – making it his second consecutive HMM award win.

“Music is a lifesaver, and I can’t say enough about it. People make love to music, dance to music, get aggressive to music, and cry with music. It’s in delivery rooms when people are born and can be heard at funerals. We are even healed by music. I don’t think it gets enough credit.”

Having integrity

“It’s important to me that music is treated with integrity and an honest approach” says Morris. “A lot of today’s releases and international shows like American Idol dilute the significance that so many of us in the field dedicate ourselves to, and I think it’s unfortunate to twist a gorgeous, emotive medium into something so cheap. I think music has to come from the heart. No one wants it to be an empty package in a fast-food wrapper.”

Morris Music currently represents six recording artists locally and internationally. Its headquarters are in Santa Monica, California with satellite offices in the UK and Seattle. More Morris Music news can be found on their Facebook fan page.

Robert Rodriguez in THE BLACK MAMBA

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Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez

For the first time in our film recollection, veteran filmmaker Robert Rodriguez appears in one of his films – his short about Kobe Bryant titled THE BLACK MAMBA.

The short film for Nike also stars Danny Trejo, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, Bruce Willis and some wicked looking basketball beasts.

Here it is in its entirety. Enjoy!

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Harlequin the Romance Novel Empire Celebrates a 60 Year Milestone

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The empire made of romance and dirty secrets celebrates its 60th anniversary and I can’t wait to investigate. The book series was a staple in my mother’s collection of must-haves.

In 1949 the romance novel series was born in Canada as a way to keep Winnipeg’s Advocate Printers presses running. Their first publication was The Manatee, by U.S. author Nancy Bruff. It was sold for only 50 cents a copy.

The publisher had its share of turbulence with tax issues in the 50’s but the publisher also reaped a great amount of milestone successes with book sales. Harlequin’s unconventional placement in supermarkets and drugstores proved to be one of their most profitable marketing strategies, reaching their target audience – women. Studies show that women read more than men, hence their target market still being mainly female.

Harlequin took off in the 80’s with the distribution of their “Temptation” line which was tailored for younger women. This was the era of seductive, sexually suggestive cover illustrations, “bodice-ripping book covers” – the hallmark of the Harlequin brand.

Harlequin Enterprises went global in the 1990’s, translating their books into 19 languages and distributing in more than 100 countries. “Harlequin’s operating profit rose to $64.4 million in 1990.” Soaring book sales were not affected by the U.S. recession of the 90’s.

Harlequin Romance Novels are now the leader in romance publishing. 2009 marks their 60th year in business and has taken to the web with Users of their online books are repeat visitors perhaps taking a mid day voyage to paradise with Fabio via their free ebook downloads.

For more information about their sixtieth year anniversary go to or go to your local Borders or Barnes & Noble.

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