The Sasquatch Gang

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the sasquatch gang

Tim Skousen: the Assistant Director of Napoleon Dynamite has written and directed another glorious nerd drama, The Sasquatch Gang, a comedy about somewhat-normal teens in the semi-peaceful suburbs. They share the same nerd glory as Napoleon Dynamite and the film is just as funny, minus the classic “Vote for Pedro” storyline which will remain my favorite film memory for eternity.

During its tour through the film festival circuit, The Sasquatch Gang screened at Slamdance, HBO US Comedy Arts, Waterefront New Zealand, Sidewalk, and Vail Film Festivals winning a number of awards for Best Director and Best Actor to Justin Long.

The nerd pack consists of a few groups of kids that discover what they believe to be Sasquatch footprints and scheme ways to make money off of their discovery throughout the film. My favorite character was Sophie, a teen video store clerk who has her mouth wired shut to lose weight and all the nerd boys love her. Say what you will, there’s comedy in that. I thought it was hilarious.

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard of it? It didn’t get wide theater distribution, probably why I haven’t seen it until recently—it is now airing on Showtime. The trailer (below) doesn’t do it justice, but I highly recommend watching it.

Frownies Eye Gels Review

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I had the pleasure of coordinating the launch of BE Beverly Hills’ Eco Luxury Hair Care line at the SLS Hotel. The event was a hit. Catering was spot on, decor was perfect and it was packed. Gift bags were stuffed with their argan oil serum and some extras. One of the extras was a set of Frownies Eye Gels.

I’ve really been jonsing to try these. They’re meant to “postpone the signs of aging, fine lines, discolored skin, and puffiness around the eyes.” So this was a treat.

Weeks later, what was not a treat was a rough night filled with stress, tears and decision making which caused me to wake up with puffy eyes. I thought; HEY perfect opportunity to try these Frownies. I applied the gels under my eyes for about 30 minutes and they did minimize the puffiness – slightly.

They’re meant to be applied repeatedly, so I recommend using them on a daily basis. They’re packed with all natural ingredients like vitamins C, E, B3, cactus collagen and aloe vera – perfect for under eye or forehead treatments. I suggest placing them on your eyelids for 30 minutes at least once a week. This treatment will not only help your eyes look and feel rejuvenated, but it will also allow you to slow down and relax a little. Think about it, how often do you treat yourself to at least 30 minutes of R & R each week? These gels are reusable if you only apply for 30 minutes and they come in a zip lock bag that is easy to store in the fridge.

All in all they’re worth the $25 they retail for, just don’t expect immediate results. Each pack contains three sets of gels which are all reusable, so they could last you at least six treatment sessions or 180 minutes worth of eye TLC.

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