Molori Luxury Resorts

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Let’s take a minute to dwell on Molori Luxury Resorts, yes? We owe it to ourselves to absorb the beauty of their offerings. We’re in too much of a hurry these days as it is–and I’m not just saying that either. A recent study shows that the “average web attention span is 8 seconds, a 33% drop from last year’s 12 seconds” according to an article in Fast Company. So let’s sit and get lost in this amazing private luxury resort’s offerings.

First up, Molori’s Told U So yacht: It’s furnished in custom-contemporary-style collections with antique accents. Five individually styled suites offer plenty of room for a party sized getaway or a vacation with the family. Or a honeymoon for two–you decide, it’s your fantasy getaway.



Hey after a dip let’s find our way up to one of the suites, shall we?


Another one of Molori’s offerings is their South African safari game lounge. Equipped with the most amazing wildlife viewing expeditions, this seems to be the most exciting of their destinations.


Check out this amazing lodge situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa’s North West Province. These all-natural tree trunks in the interior are absolutely beautiful and a solid take away for designers. Who needs columns when you can use old tree trunks? This all-natural addition to the interior really brings the outdoors in.suites_molelo_gallery1

Anyone interested in their spa services? Yes? I thought so. They offer an open and airy private spa and in-room services with breathtaking views of the African bush. Hey, is that leopard I see in the background??


But don’t take my word for it, check out the site for yourself. And schedule a getaway while you’re at it, you probably need it.

Entertainment Friendly Interior Design

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photo credit: archimagz

Let’s take a peek at some entertainment friendly interior design in homes from–you guessed it–the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles.

Can we stop and swoon first at this home designed by Marc Canadell? In its 9000 square feet, it has spectacular views of the sprawling city and an outdoor cinema projector, perfect for the city’s almost daily gorgeous weather and spotting celestial events. All you need is a telescope to take full advantage of this outdoor living area.

The entertainment mecca had a ton of cool home theaters to check out, actually. Pictured below, is a home designed by La Kaza and Meridith Baer Home which features an indoor theater that can be used as inspiration for anyone. It’s just a plain four wall room that’s been treated with a two step platform, couches, moldings and a projector screen. If you have a spare room that’s 400 square feet+/- you could pull off this theater room, too.

photo credit: homedsgn

Onto everybody’s favorite room, the dining room! La Kaza and Meridith Baer Home cleverly combined two shades of wood here with blacks and grays and it’s minimal and classy and modern and elegant all at once. Don’t you just love that cluster of hanging pendants over the dining room table? (And what a view!)

photo credit: homedsgn

Now, let’s think about this. Everybody can benefit from a reading room, right? How about this library? It’s smart and simple contemporary interior design by McClean Design in Beverly Hills and made us rethink what we can do with shelving. Note the skylight for saving energy during the day.

photo credit: californiamarkt

Last, this lust-worthy library is from the home of Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, Peter Guber and his wife. Design is by Nancy Heller and goes to show food for the mind is a necessity that must be satiated.

photo credit: architectural digest via high fashion home

Get Crafty With DIY Home Decor

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photo credit: a beautiful mess

Let’s get crafty! To get an early start to the weekend, I hunted down some of the easiest and most eye pleasing DIY home décor projects. Take a look! You can do it!!!

You must be wondering about our header image? The crafty bloggeress over at A Beautiful Mess simply placed a projector across the room that had a moon outline and painted in the dark portions with gold. How much easier can it get, guys?

Below, we have a simple floor revamp from Makezine. Old carpet was removed which exposed the old hard wood floor beneath. It was old and scratched up, but the home owner went over the old wood with a stencil. It looks very Boho chic.

photo credit: apartment therapy

Do you happen to have a dead tree outside that needs to be chopped down? Well, if you do have the materials, the writers at Interiorholic found an easy way to convert a tree stump into a funky little coffee table.

photo credit: interiorholic

Spruce up your stairwell with removable wall paper from Chasing Paper‘s huge selection of patterns. It’s removable, what can possibly go wrong? Nothing. Win/Win.

photo credit: california home design

Last DIY home decor idea is this: gold dipped bar stools. They’re funky, and fun, and bright.

photo credit: style motivation

Garage Havens

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photo credit: next luxury

I love car porn and just found some of the coolest garage havens. You might not house five hot rods but you can imagine the possibilities of transforming your garage into a haven of some sort. Here are some inspiring garage examples.

This homeowner actually converted the entire bottom floor into a garage. Hey, what better way to keep tabs on your babies? Store them all in-house within reach, you know just in case you need to check on them at night

photo credit: garage design ideas

But really, let’s be practical! You might have a two car garage, so check out this pretty amazing oak cabinet-lined garage. Keep all of your extras organized where they belong—in the garage. The addition of the TV is a nice touch if you want to spend Sunday detailing your ride but don’t want to miss your favorite programming in the process.

photo credit: step in it dot com

This dream two car garage has a work bench and tool cabinets—perfect for any Porsche driving handyman. Plus, take a look at all of this storage space. Hey handyman, can you make us a bird house, then take us for a cruise in your cool car?

photo credit: shilike

Tell us about your garage in the comment section or talk to one of our pros about transforming your space.

John Paul & Co. Home Goods

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photo credit: john paul & co.

During my usual hunting and gathering online today, I stumbled across some very chic interior design goods at John Paul & Co.

Just take a look at their amazing and very bold pattern-work.

They even carry FENDI.

Making Energy Efficiency a Priority

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photo credit: syahdiar

Energy efficiency actually benefits you most. You save money on bills and become less of a burden on the environment and the rest of us suffering from the consequences of severe weather patterns. Here’s how to make it possible and beautiful.

White Perrin House, above, offers energy efficient features. Wide windows, ensure a large amount of natural light and wall-to-wall timber increases insulation.

Let’s look at more energy efficient inspiration from this Butterfly Beach home in Montecito, California which has solar panels built into its roof.

photo credit: chictip

It was built with huge picture windows that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, but also lets natural light warm the home and cool it off.

photo credit: chic tip

Recessed and dimmable LED lighting is not only a super-cheap-money-saving solution—it looks good too.

photo credit: chipctip

And hey, how about this homeowners—invest in drought resistant gardens. Quit wasting our natural resources on useless shrubs. What’s the use? These cacti are equally as flattering and they’re cost effective too.

photo credit: annies annuals

Still not sure where to begin? Here’s a cheat sheet of Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency. And if you still need help implementing energy efficiency for your space, consult a designer.

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