Making Energy Efficiency a Priority

March 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

photo credit: syahdiar

Energy efficiency actually benefits you most. You save money on bills and become less of a burden on the environment and the rest of us suffering from the consequences of severe weather patterns. Here’s how to make it possible and beautiful.

White Perrin House, above, offers energy efficient features. Wide windows, ensure a large amount of natural light and wall-to-wall timber increases insulation.

Let’s look at more energy efficient inspiration from this Butterfly Beach home in Montecito, California which has solar panels built into its roof.

photo credit: chictip

It was built with huge picture windows that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, but also lets natural light warm the home and cool it off.

photo credit: chic tip

Recessed and dimmable LED lighting is not only a super-cheap-money-saving solution—it looks good too.

photo credit: chipctip

And hey, how about this homeowners—invest in drought resistant gardens. Quit wasting our natural resources on useless shrubs. What’s the use? These cacti are equally as flattering and they’re cost effective too.

photo credit: annies annuals

Still not sure where to begin? Here’s a cheat sheet of Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency. And if you still need help implementing energy efficiency for your space, consult a designer.

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