Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette

June 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Anastasia Eye Shadow

Since my heavy eyeliner years, I haven’t worn liquid liner and I’m really careful about the colors I use.

If it’s day, it can’t be too dark. If it’s night, it can’t be too light, but lining the top lid is a must to accentuate your eyes. Not doing so is a total injustice and a lost opportunity to really make your eyes pop.

So, to find a happy medium, I’ve started to use eye shadow as eyeliner. It’s softer, blends easier and is way more forgiving than liquid.

The only downside to using eye shadow as eyeliner is that many powders fade throughout the day or night, just a few hours after application, so I’ve been experimenting with a few different brands. I saw a new line made by Anastasia, the eye brow authority out of Beverly Hills and decided to try.

Each palette contains five colors, a double-sided professional eye shadow brush, and a mirrored compact which is large enough for makeup checks.

I’m using palette No. 3 which has a nice little combo of day and night shades. The night-time shimmery black truly lasts all night. It doesn’t fade and when blended with the navy blue shadow in the palette, it makes for a really solid shimmery navy eyeliner.

Aside from the shadow being long-lasting, it’s paraben free and “has Brown Algae, Diamond Core Powder, and powerful antioxidants that lift, hydrate and revitalize.” So it doesn’t chip, but marries with the skin like skincare while washing off with the ease of a powder. I love it.

Do try this new technology in eye shadow.


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