The Bay Area’s Nails La’moure

January 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve made a habit out of getting my nails done regularly. I’ve been doing it for years for a few reasons. One, it makes my hands look pretty and two, I like to treat myself to a little pampering sometimes. Everybody should do it. Self neglect is the leading cause of bad moods, you know. So to avoid being a groucho, I get my nails done. It makes me smile.

At a recent visit to the nail salon while one hand was getting worked on, I was texting away on my newly gifted iPhone 3G – the device I’m using to write this entry.

It’s an amazing little handheld computer with full access to the internet, iPod capabilities and applications ranging from health news updates to time killing games.

One of the manicurists shuffled through my music and played my disco selection. It totally changed the vibe in the room. Hm, never have I met a group of women that liked disco as much as I did. I even got some free nail designs. In the wise words of Martha Stewart, “it was a good thing”.

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